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Since the days of the conversion van industry, we have been dealing in OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Takeoff Parts. A takeoff part is a part removed from a new vehicle, to replace it with a different or customized part.

In turn we purchase these parts, and sell them to you. They are the closest thing to being new, but without the NEW OEM price tag.

It is very typical that a takeoff part will have some sort of cosmetic damage due to people who are more concerned about getting their daily job done than worrying about minor damage that may happen to the part they are taking off. Due to this it is common that a takeoff part may have minor scratches, scuffs or dents.

Takeoff beds and parts only exist out of the current year you are in. Once the body style changes the chances of finding one is much more difficult.

For years we have dealt, in takeoff wheels & tires, bumpers, hitches, mirrors, tailgates, and truck beds, along with many other odd OEM Parts that most people don't realize get taken off.

The heart of the van conversion industry started right here in Elkhart, Indiana which has allowed allowed us to have a very large inventory in odd conversion van parts.

Many of these conversion companies produced parts themselves and now are out of business, which unfortunately makes it tough to track that part for your van or truck.

Chances are it is no longer made or produced, but the industry has completely changed since the late 80's and early 90's. Today, more companies are converting heavier duty trucks like M2 Freightliners, Mercedes Sprinters, and Medium duty trucks, along with the few van and light truck converts left in the state.

Today we still see wheels & tires, takeout seats from vans, takeoff bumpers, truck beds, and hitches.

The days of thousands of takeoff parts from van converters are unfortunately long gone, but we still see a handful of different parts to allow us to pass that great savings down to you, the customer!

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