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For years people have known us for truck beds. I can talk to people and they can remember when they bought that truck bed from us and now it’s time for another one or some more parts. It's amazing how many beds we have sold over the years.

We have sold over 1,000 beds since we started keeping count in 1994. Today we offer both southern used beds and new takeoff beds that come off new trucks.

Dick's Auto Parts strives to keep a clean rust-free bed inventory, but we cannot guarantee dent free. Most of our used beds are western or southern beds and we are always looking for more! We also have a great selection of new takeoff beds.

A takeoff bed is a part removed from a new vehicle, to replace it with a different style bed or flatbed. In turn, we purchase truck beds and sell them to you. They are the closest thing to being new but without the NEW OEM price tag. Typically, a takeoff part will have some sort of cosmetic damage due to operators removing the parts. The operator removing these parts are more concerned about getting their daily job done than worrying about minor damage that may happen to the part they are taking off. A takeoff bed can have a scratch or scuff or dent on it which is very common. Takeoff beds and parts only exist out of the current year you are in. Once the body style changes the chances of finding one are tougher.

We have thousands of truck bed requests each month, but unfortunately, we don't ship truck beds due to their size. Shipping truck beds is very hard and time-consuming, and we would rather you come and pick them up. Then you can see it, touch it, and make sure it is what you want! Our #1 Priority is to make sure the truck bed is what you want!

The days of thousands of older used parts and takeoff parts are unfortunately long gone. We still see a handful of different used and takeoff parts to allow us to pass the great savings down to you the customer!

Whether it’s a Ford, Chevy, GMC, or Dodge Truck Bed we probably have it! So give Dick's Auto Parts a call!

These are just some of the newer truck beds we carry or have to offer. Not all beds are listed on our site so please feel free to email or call us with your requests.

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