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From new seats for your truck or van to slightly used seats. Truck and van seats are what we see the most but that doesn't mean we might not have something else sitting around. We still have some older stock takeout seats available and we carry some slightly used seats which give you that same great look as buying it straight from the factory.

Please remember that as of 1999 many of the truck and van manufacturers started integrating the seat belts into many full size vehicle's seats. So, conversion companies where forced to keep these seats in the trucks and vans or recover them. Many of these seats are not taken out and we do not get many of them. The only way to find them is with a used seat or to recover your existing seat.

From buckets to benches, we carry a large selection of seats so let us know what you are looking for! 


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OUT OF STOCK We are working to find a new manufacture and are hoping to have our C-200 seats back in stock soon....More Details »