Why Choose BedRug?

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  • Installation.

    No holes. No Sanding. No Problem.
    Unlike spray-in or plastic liners, BedRugs do not require sanding, drilling, or other permanent damage to your truck bed.

    After years of use, your BedRug can be removed and your bed will look like it did when you first installed your BedRug.
  • Impact Protection.

    Maximum Protection. Maximum Comfort.
    The BedRug's 3/4" of closed-cell foam protects against impacts preventing dents and dings without hard or rough materials.

    Both your truck, and your knees, will thank you!
  • Cargo Protection.

    Safe for Any Type of Cargo.
    With BedRug there's no question that your cargo will get there in one piece.

    Without any rough surfaces you can be sure that even your sensitive cargo will be protected from dents, scrapes, and other types of damage.
  • Comfort.

    Gentle on Cargo and You.
    Quit dreading climbing into your bed to access your cargo for fear of cuts and scrapes from rough liners.

    Thanks to its soft material and foam base, the BedRug is as gentle with you as it is with your cargo.